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Medical loans on the Gold Coast

Whether they are anticipated or unexpected medical bills, they can put a strain on you and your family’s finances.

What happens if you can’t afford the medical procedure that is needed? Wait and hope it doesn’t get worse?

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iFinance’s medical loans are the perfect solution to getting a fast cash loan so you can receive the treatment you need without worrying.

Fast cash loans, providing you with a safety net

Surgery does not come cheap, even the most simple of procedures can set you back thousands of dollars once you factor in the doctors, anaesthetists and your hospital stay, but there’s also the cost of taking time off work.

Whether you need to take time off work for the procedure and the recovery, you need to keep on top of the bills. iFinance on the Gold Coast has a range of fast cash loans that can help fund your surgery, time off work and all your medical costs associated with your procedure.

Our quick cash solutions can provide quick relief

Going to the dentist can be a painful experience. No, we’re not talking about the fillings, crowns, braces or root canals, but the bill at the end. When you get toothache it’s all you can think about. Don’t suffer, call iFinance for a fast cash loan.

Medical loans fast

With loans from as low as $400 up to $4000 you need not compromise yours or your family’s health. Our fast loan solutions can give you access to cash, fast. Contact us or visit our Nerang based office on the Gold Coast for more information.

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It’s a pleasure helping the Gold Coast with their fast cash loan needs

The team at iFinance relish assisting our clients. We base our loan applications on more than just the usual black and white, we look at the whole situation so we can provide the best solution for you.
We are so proud of our work we have a few cases studies to show how our loans have assisted our clients over the years.
We are proud to be a part of the following case stories;